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 Adult Rules

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PostSubject: Adult Rules   Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:16 pm

I have to bring rules up for this as well.

#1 be legal age to view and show content - Regardless of the drawings characters any real people gotta be 18 and older. Do Not link anything that is Illegal. You will be banned automatically. Just to be easier just stick with fictional characters if you aren't too sure.

#2 No Gore or scats - I know some may consider it but I just don't like to have that flowing in my forums. If you don't sorry but you can go to another forum about.

#3 No Sexual harassment. If you feeling that person is bothering you too much pm me and I'll handle it. If the person is interest I'm sure they will let you know. Pm or make a thread in the Role-play Thread to handle it there.
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Adult Rules
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